Last year called, it wants its social media marketing strategy back

Ranting is as synonymous with blogging as, errrrr, something about sliced bread! Ah, enough with the cliches. Apologies, reader, I’m just excited to be able to share some bugbears with you…

So here goes the strategies and approaches to social media marketing that I’m pleased to be waving au revoir to (hopefully).

The Growth First Strategy

If you’re not growing, you’re not getting anywhere, right? What bull****. Did you know that lots of social accounts that reach a certain audience size, actually see engagement go down? It’s not always about putting growth first. Your goal should be quality, relevance and audiences that take action.

The New New New Strategy

Social is all about eyeballs right? Yet this strategy values newbies over current and old members of the community – even though it’s they who are most likely to be your brand ambassadors and drive business growth. Very similar to growth strategy, this one values getting the numbers up over keeping the current community engaged. Aim for meaningful, long-term relationships with your audiences.

The Strategy

Lastly, we have that old classic – The Not-Having-A-Strategy-At-All Strategy.

Oh, how I do love this one. It’s a little like not having a script before you take to the stage. I mean, would you cast a net without checking for holes? Fly a plane without a map? Drop 3 cliches in a row without considering how you’ll end the sentence? This strategy needs no response. Fail to plan etc etc etc.

And like any good blog posts, there was a strategy in mind. Here’s to fewer headless chickens and more wise owls. Stay tuned for strategy gold (and yet more cliches.)