We live in a world now where the biggest accommodation provider in the world owns no property (airbnb.com), the biggest taxi company in the world owns no cars (uber.com), and the biggest retailers (amazon & eBay) exist online with very little inventory.

This digital revolution is upending entire industries and rapidly changing the way businesses need to position themselves, both online & offline. Old school companies are becoming redundant; they’re being overtaken, gobbled up and beaten over the head by innovative start-ups.

We are a youth marketing agency and we specialise in helping brands to better engage with millennial consumers through providing curated insights and crafting youth marketing strategies for digital marketing campaigns.

The rise of digital has changed the way millennial consumers engage with brands; completely altering the approach that brands must take to meet consumer needs and demands.

This new breed of millennial consumers are “always on”, they are much smarter, socially connected and want to engage with brands on their terms and whenever it suits them. In other words, the consumers are calling the shots now, not the brands. Millennials have no interest in traditional brand messages; rather they want to interact and engage with brands on a more personal level, and primarily online.

Customers are turning to the web for all of their consumption needs. You not only need to be online, but you also need to be digitally savvy and innovative to stay competitive.

The biggest challenge in marketing today is the effective use of time and money. We help companies identify which channels lead to the best returns.

Our clients were asking similar questions and coming to us with similar problems – who are my audience? How do I get to them? Where do things like social media fit in the marketing mix? The sad thing is that 78% of CEOs say agencies are not ROI driven and so rather than exploiting opportunities, marketers are wasting time and money.

Today, we maintain that appetite for learning and apply it to the huge opportunity we have in digital – to explore and experiment with multiple channels, day to day and month to month. We apply this approach to everything from strategy writing to design, and we encourage our clients to challenge the results they’re looking for. To say ‘why’ and ‘what does success look like’ before making things look pretty.

At Talented Heads, we seek to answer those questions that seem to be changing the priorities. We use controlled, documented testing of creative, messages, audience and channels to find what works. Comms meets science meets art. The results aren’t secret tricks or growth hacks – knowledge is power!

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