Flighty”… “Drifters”… “Lacking loyalty” – these are just a few of the accusations thrown at us, the millenial generation. But one thing’s for sure – we aren’t afraid to chuck in the towel and retrain if we feel we aren’t fulfilling our full potential, or if another job in another industry excites us.

Now, I’m pretty early on in my career. I’ve chopped and changed and tried out different things – right now I’m in a marketing role at Makers Academy – London’s premier coding bootcamp. Working at a bootcamp, I get to meet about 25 new students every 6 weeks, and one thing that struck me more than anything is the incredible diversity in the backgrounds of our students.

I’ve met a police officer, sound engineer, an academic, a commodities trainer (whatever that is!) and many more, from all walks of life. The one thing that unites them all? They had the guts to quit an unfulfilling career, immerse themselves in code for 12 weeks, and follow their dream of becoming a developer.

A lot of people ask us: “Is it really possible to switch careers and learn something as hard as coding in just a few months?”

Well Sarah, a trained historian, said “One of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome before becoming a developer was believing it was possible, believing I could do it.” The first struggle in achieving any goal is overcoming your deep-seated belief that you’re inadequate”. Chances are you won’t be able to – for many of us, the little voice inside that tells us we aren’t worthy is just too strong. But the reality is that your ideal job isn’t a pipe-dream, and with a bit of hard work, it really is possible to have the life you want. Often you can build on what you already know – for Sarah, coding was like cooking “To me coding is like craft-making, figuring out puzzles, even experimenting in the kitchen – activities I enjoy doing but would never have thought could be related to software engineering. It requires team-work, imaginative thinking, and curiosity. It’s language-learning, problem-solving, communication all in one and I love it – applying to Makers was one of the best decisions of my life.”

So stop thinking you aren’t good enough, take control of your destiny, and chase your dreams – they aren’t as far away as you might think.

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About the Author

Arfah Arfah also known as #startupkid is Marketing Executive at Makers  Academy: A 12 Week coding bootcamp. She is interested in  collaboration, digital educational and social enterprises. Tweet her  at @Arf_22