It’s no secret that today’s youth faces an uphill battle to secure work, with or without a university degree. So it’s perfectly understandable that these young’uns (Generation Z) are worried about what lies ahead in their career. Lucozade Energy has just commissioned a research piece on Generation Z (16-25 year-olds) in the UK, and the results highlight their contemplative attitudes towards success and failure, especially in relation to their future vocation.

As many as two in five place ‘failure’ as their biggest fear

Max 1Generation Z is shrouded in employment anxiety. Almost three quarters (71%) feel under pressure because it is harder than ever to get a job and more than three in five (69%) feel they are under more pressure than their parents were at their age. The period of economic uncertainty in which they grew up has understandably shaped the hopes and dreams of this generation, but it’s not all doom and gloom, they have also ridden the digital wave, making them the most technically savvy generation in history. The aptly named Gen-erators Z are digital natives. Gen Z grew up in a world where technology exploded, making it more possible than ever for them to do what they want to; working for themselves is a very achievable reality for this generation. The internet has made it possible for anyone to make money from their lounge room; whether that is from self-publishing a book, selling products via online marketplaces, or offering tutoring services via Skype. Young people needn’t sit around waiting for a traditional job-offer to make some money; technology has empowered them to make money on their own. The digital revolution has created a generation of aspirational creators.

Over half (62%) of are interested in working for themselves or creating their own brand

The unfavourable financial climate paired with the technological revolution has crafted their attitudes to work and money. Generation Z values the freedom to achieve their goals higher than the need to make money. The research paints a picture of this generation as being incredibly aspirational and ambitious, but from a personal development perspective rather than one focussed on wealth accumulation. Lucozade Energy has compiled a bunch of really inspirational stories from a collection of Gen-erators Z who are making the most of their opportunities. You should check it out, they’re showcased here:


Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the young people profiled in the research: